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Wired To Kill (Booby Trap)

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by B W, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. B W

    B W New Member Thread Starter

    On the Shades liner notes, it mentions that Oasis was the theme to the film Booby Trap - Wired To Kill. Could you talk about your experience in writing music for a film as compared to how you normally compose?

    Wondering if Oasis was specifically written for the film after watching footage or reading the script. Or did you already have the outline and themes for Oasis done long before you were approached to do the movie?

    Was the process similar to the tunes written for the Star Trek film: ideas for the music came after watching footage or reading the script or otherwise?

    How did you get involved with writing the music for this particular film?

    How many minutes of music did you write for Booby Trap? Did it all get used?

    Wondering if any of the other tunes for the movie (besides Oasis) are available someplace to be heard? I don't think there's an official soundtrack to the movie.

    Have you used themes or parts of your music from Oasis in any of your albums? Is so, which ones?

    Did you enjoy the experience or will you not write specifically for a film again?

    I guess if the music from the film was sold, that would be your first solo album? Referring to the recent post on you doing a solo album. ;p

    Thanks and sorry in advance if this topic has already been asked. I did a quick search for "Booby Trap" and "Wired To Kill" and nothing popped up.

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