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Where's Everybody From??

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by mark, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member

    Hi..I'm Frank from London. I've been an ardent fan since 1982 and can remember the summer my brother, a really talented guitarist who sadly passed away from cancer in November, lent me his copy of the first Jackets album..a bright brash yellow sleeve with huge insects on it. I thought 'what the hell is this?' But that album changed my life.

    I'm an architect and company director, but I play the jackets whenever I need comfort and inspiration.
  2. ian

    ian Popular Member

    Hi All
    I'm Ian, a 39 year old information worker from beautiful, troubled, but hopeful Cape Town, South Africa. I have been a Jackets fan right from the start! I have had the great honour to meet the guys on their 2 trips to SA . BloeMfontein in 2001, and Cape Town 2 weeks ago! Good to chat with all of you
  3. kiwizz

    kiwizz Active Member

    I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. I run book/CD shops and play piano/keyboard.
  4. zivy

    zivy Active Member

    Hi all,
    I'm Ziv, 35 y/o from Israel, born in Argentina, inmigrated to Israel at 19 y/o.

    I'm a YJ fan since 1989 when listening to them at a friend's house in Argentina

    I played the flute when young for a few years, I started playing the tenor sax (which was my long life dream)last May 2006, and enjoy it since then!

  5. bernie12345

    bernie12345 Esteemed Member

    Where are you from?

    My name is Barnaby Finch, and I live in Idyllwild, California. I'm a professional keyboardist, and a huge Jackets fan. So much so that I've had a Jackets cover band for a few years with Art Rodriguez on drums, Tim Landers on bass, and Paul Carman on sax. We play clubs once in a while, and our repertoire is about 90% Jackets, with a little Metheny, Grolnick, and Dave Grusin thrown in.

    I also play up here every Tuesday, doing straight ahead jazz at Cafe Aroma with Marshall Hawkins and Paul. We do a wide variety of music and styles, including Monk, Wayne Shorter, Vince Mendoza, Grusin film music, Metheny, and quite a few Jackets tunes. We play Spirits, Prayer For Peace, The Village Gait, Go Go, Twilight For Nancy, and the orchestral intro to Greenhouse as an intro to Round Midnight - they're both in Eb minor.

    I've been listening to the Jackets for many years, and got to know the guys a little when I've played in bands that were on the same bill - in the 80's, it was when I was with George Benson, and, in recent years, with Lee Ritenour. I've also attended many of the Jackets live shows. I love their writing, particularly Bob Mintzer and Russell Ferrante. Russ has graciously sent me many charts over the years, and I'm proofreading some of them, inputting them into Finale, and trying to find a way to make them available over the internet. The idea is .PDF files purchased with PayPal.

    I've learned a great deal playing through the Jackets music. There are lots of great voicings and harmonies, and it has improved my hand independence and made me more comfortable with odd time signatures and displacements. I'm a fan forever!

    Barnaby Finch
  6. smiley557

    smiley557 Active Member

    Wow! I'm impressed that Barnaby Finch is posting on here!!!

    I'm a teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. I'm 27. I've grown up listening to Pat Metheny Group, Yellowjackets, Dave Grusin/Lee Ritenour, Larry Carleton, Chick Corea, and Jean-Luc Ponty, all thanks to Mom and Dad.
  7. jazznmysoul

    jazznmysoul Active Member


    Hey! My name is Claudio and I am a 46 year old retired Navy man living in Reno, NV. with my great family. I don't play any instruments, but I sure can tell when someone is playing one correctly or not. I love jazz and have a pretty good collection. Some of my favorite CD's are Miles Davis (Kind of Blue), Bill Evans (Quintessence), Chick Corea (Acoustic Band), Tom Schuman (Schuman Nature), Dino Saluzzi (Responsorium) and Gary Burton (Generations). It's all good and I'm glad to see many of you share the same taste. :D
  8. RogerC47

    RogerC47 New Member

    Roger here, from Hartville, OH. I'm a software engineer and I love listening to jazz. I had heard of the Yellowjackets, but never listened to them. In 1992 I received Greenhouse as part of an introductory package in a CD club, and when I listened to it I was BLOWN AWAY! I've been collecting YJ albums ever since.

    I also like Adam Makowicz, Chick Corea, Jeff Lorber, John Patitucci, Brian Bromberg, Dave Douglass, and for something completely different, Philippe Saisse.
  9. Franko

    Franko Popular Member

    Franko, 59 years old from SF Bay Area originaly.

    Born in SF now living in Tucson AZ. Started listening to the Jackets with the Robben Ford Band in the 70's.
  10. TMONK10

    TMONK10 Active Member


    Hi, my name is Benoit and i'm from Montreal Quebec. I'm 47 and i'm a bassist. I guess the final answer about the "village" question is quite simple. Here in Quebec small towns are in fact villages. It's simply french for small town... Since Louisiana or Louisiane (from king Louis of France) was colonised by the french I guess the word village stayed and from my point of view it is pretty charming to read all those french names all over that state.
    Here in Quebec we're 7 million people and of those 7 million 80% speak only french... get the picture? Weird place for north america don't you think?

  11. Ruud

    Ruud Popular Member

    Hello all !

    My name is Ruud, I'm 41 years old and from The Netherlands.

    I've been playing organ, keyboards and piano for 35 years and I got into the Yellowjackets since the "Politics" album. I've been a huge admirer of their music since then.

    As a pianist, I especially like Russ' compositions and his approach of harmony and voicings.
  12. Karen - Asia

    Karen - Asia Active Member

    Hi, I'm a young 50-something :( currently living in Phuket, Thailand, but will be moving to Penang, Malaysia next year.

    I see Mark is in KL - can we persuade the "powers that be" to get the band to perform there? Or, even better, the Penang Jazz Festival :)
  13. Russ

    Russ Moderator Yellowjacket

    Welcome Karen,
    We'd love to come there to perform. We just need an invitation from a concert promoter. That's the hard part!
  14. Bipslapper

    Bipslapper New Member

    Hello All,
    I am Pete, from Cape Cod, MA. Bass player for about 24 yrs, also play guitar, drums. Love music, all types and have been fortunate to have 2 great children who love/play music as well.
    As a bassist, I own many basses, but my favorite is my Roscoe. Love Jimmy and the YJ's. Peace !
  15. Karen - Asia

    Karen - Asia Active Member

    Well you've got me thinking there. Maybe I'll start a new thread on this topic :)
  16. Seitznz

    Seitznz Active Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Hans from The Netherlands but living in New Zealand now. Thrilled to see that the YJ are coming to NZ next year. I'll be there. Leaving The Netherlands meant not being able anymore to see the guys at least once a year. This makes up for it. Been a fan since late 80's.
  17. Paulog

    Paulog Active Member


    I'm Paul from Ontario Canada (close to Toronto) and I'm 16. I play the drums and have just started the sax and have always dabbled on piano since taking lessons when I was a kid ;). Anyway, I've never found any band the the yj to create such grooves and melodies. Keep it up. And come to Toronto, Canada.

  18. Russ

    Russ Moderator Yellowjacket

    Thanks Paul!
    All the very best to you as you continue your musical journey. We'll do our best to keep working at it too.
    take care,
  19. sharond31

    sharond31 New Member

    I am Sharon from Manhattan, New york.
    Hope we will get to know each other pretty soon.
  20. icryptic

    icryptic New Member

    hi there. i'm cryptic, enjoying this forum

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