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What Chick Corea albums would a YJ fan like?

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by Karen - Asia, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Karen - Asia

    Karen - Asia Active Member Thread Starter

    I introduced a friend to Yellowjackets a couple of weeks ago and he said something like "WOW - just like Chick Corea". A lot of people talk about Chick Corea on here, but I've just looked on an online store and there must be about a million records that this guy has made - and it seems all different genres of music.

    So, as a Yellowjacket fan, any albums that you can recommend?
  2. mark

    mark Esteemed Member

    You might want to check out Inside Out and Paint The World by the Chick Corea Elektric Band. The Chick Corea Akoustic Band CD from 1989 is also pretty awesome, as well as their Alive (live CD) from 1991.
    I recently purchased the Chick Corea / John McLaughlin 5-Peace Band double live CD ... absolutely awesome. Make sure you have your seat belt on when listening to this one.
    God bless.

    Mark David
  3. bernie12345

    bernie12345 Esteemed Member


    To me, the Yellowjackets sound nothing like Chick Corea, but he's a fabulous pianist and a great composer. I liked his early stuff the best, like Crystal Silence with Gary Burton, Piano Improvisations Vol. I and Vol. II, and a great post-bop trio record called "Now He Sings, Now He Sobs." I transcribed a lot of solos from that recording a long time ago. "Light As A Feather" was a lovely Latin-tinged recording, featuring a pre-fusion version of Return To Forever, and "My Spanish Heart" had some cool writing, with a Spanish flavor. When I was young, the early fusion records had a big influence on me - in high school some friends and I learned the whole album called "Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy" by slowing it down and learning our parts. Trying to play those complex tunes improved my chops and memory quite a bit.

    Chick has covered a lot of bases, musically. If I were you, I'd spend a few hours listening to clips at Amazon and iTunes to see a little about what style you really like.

    Barnaby Finch
  4. Karen - Asia

    Karen - Asia Active Member Thread Starter

    Thanks guys. I've been listening to some tracks from most of these albums on another music site - yeh, interesting. Tho' still prefer the YJs :)
  5. Terence

    Terence Popular Member

    Hey there...

    You might want to check out Light Years and Eye of the Beholder.

    But my personal favourite is the collaborative project between Corea and John Mclaughlin. The band is called the Five Peace Band with Christian McBride , Kenny Garret and Vinnie Coliauta. You have to check out the track Raju. It Kills!!!

    Peace from the East,
  6. DFrazier

    DFrazier Active Member

    YJ's and Chick Corea worlds apart. Chick Corea is obviously an extremely talented artist whose music has spanned decades but the music not the same. Analogy - BMW and Mercedes Benz - both make great cars but very different in a lot of ways. I prefer the Jackets (and BMW)!
  7. muloyulo

    muloyulo New Member

    I love Chick Corea
  8. Deet

    Deet Popular Member

    Concerning elektrik band stuff, Possibly paint the world, as it sounds more "acoustic" than previous elektrik band records.

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