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Union Chapel London

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by Frank, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Hi Russ,
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Union Chapel when you swing down to London on the 14th. Good thing I was keeping and eye on your tour schedule as I was half expecting a return to Ronnie Scotts! By all accounts the Union Chapel is a beautiful venue with wonderful acoustics. A little less cosy than Ronnie's though so less chance of chatting with you at the bar! But some good places to eat along the Upper Road. My wife and I recently celebrated my birthday up the road at a great little place called 12:51. Food is exquisite.

    Ok, here's my early request: Please can you play Fran's Scene? Has to be one of my favourite Jackets tracks of recent years (and there's many to choose from).

    So, see you soon. We've had enough of Trump here. Please bring the real heart and soul of America to our shores!
  2. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Great performance in the atmospheric Union Chapel in London. Thank you Russ and the rest of the band. It was a treat.

  3. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member

    Hi Frank, sadly I could not get to the Union Chapel gig due to work commitments and it would have been good to catch up, but hopefully the band will be back in the UK before too long. All the best Simmo

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