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UK orders from the buzz store

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by diarbyrag, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. diarbyrag

    diarbyrag Active Member Thread Starter

    I recently ordered 3 cd's from the Buzz Store, including postage the order came to approx £43 UK pounds ( $86 )

    when the order arrived at my house our wonderful thieving customs & excise wanted another £11.95 UK pounds ( $24 ) import tax

    Just on the grounds of stubborness and anger I have refused to pay it so no doubt the yellowjackets and jimmy haslip will be playing at the customs & excise Christmas party now

    so anyone in the uk beware !!

  2. Lester B

    Lester B Active Member

    Well I've just received the new Mint Jams DVD Today ( I'm in London UK ) and it was exactly as stated on my order $11.00 shipping and no import duty.

    To be honest I've ordered loads of stuff from the Buzz Store over the last few years and never had an issue with shipping costs or import duty its always been quick and simple.

    Is it possible you made a mistake on the order ?

  3. diarbyrag

    diarbyrag Active Member Thread Starter

    UK customs

    Well perhaps you were lucky !

    If you only ordered one cd the customs might not bother

    but i ordered three
    so maybe they felt lucky !

    either way they are a bunch or robbers....... I don't mind paying a percentage VAT on the actual purchase price but no way if I have to pay VAT on the postage as well

    if the Beloved Tony Blair wanted to open the International Commerce Routes perhaps he forgot to tell her Majesties Customs & Revenue

    I have more to say but it would probably be classed as Treason

  4. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member

    Customs & Excise

    Hi diarbyrag, I agree with LesterB I have never had a problem like that always what I have expected to pay is what I have paid - whether it is something to do with getting three items or more , not sure on that one ?
    Why dont you run a check online about what one should have to pay in this way ? I dont think it is anything to do with the YJ's though.

    Do you run a business from your home address ? That may have something to do with it.

    Anyway hope the enjoyment of the dvd may lessen the blow for you ?

    Cheers Simmo
  5. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member

    Just a reprise on the subject, it seems if the total goods value is over £18 then Customs & Excise become interested !
  6. diarbyrag

    diarbyrag Active Member Thread Starter

    Hi Simmo,

    thanks for that - next time I'll keep it low - or buy one when they are over here - hopefully soon !

    wasn't blaming the Jackets for the tax anyway - just the revenue !


  7. diarbyrag

    diarbyrag Active Member Thread Starter

    uk delivery

    Well I just wanted to post an update to my little saga. The wonderful Megan in the jackets HQ received my order back from the uk. she then sent them to me in separate covers and I now have all my goodies.

    This kind of service is rare and is greatly appreciated

    Please Jackets give Megan a large bonus at Christmas :)

    Good wishes to you all


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