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Thesis in Jazz Drumming ITALY

Discussion in 'Will's Room' started by Piangio, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Piangio

    Piangio New Member Thread Starter

    I'm Andrea from Italy.
    I'm going to prepare my University degree in Jazz Drum, here in Italy.
    My thesis is about the evolution of jazz drumming in the years of the "so called" fusion.
    I liked to chose as an example of this, William Kennedy.
    Is it possible to send you any simple question about your life and carreer as a musician?
    I thank you very much!
    Best regards with admiration!
    Andrea Piangiolino
  2. willkrew

    willkrew Moderator Yellowjacket

    So Sorry !

    Sorry, I missed your post !!

    If there is any further assistance I can be to you, please let me know !!


  3. Piangio

    Piangio New Member Thread Starter

    Thank you for the reply.
    The thesis has been already completed and ready for the discussion. It was a wonderful experience to go in the deep of your drumming path. The title is: "Different musical cultures meets and make a fusion. William kennedy the perfect syntesis".
    I found in your drumming, more then in other drummers at the time of "Four Corners", a sort of "stylistic morphing" able to perform a very smooth transition, in a same composition, between different styles. My particular example is related to the mindblowing transition to swing in "small town" . I didn't never listen this in other compositions and this gave me inspiration to prepare this work of wich I'm very proud. i'd like to send you but, unfortunately, my english is not as fine to translate it in a correct way. By the way I will send you some pics of it. I'm going to perform also "the evening news". My keyboardist had an improvise neurological desease and some fingers don't work so well. For this reason we asked to Russel for some sequences of that songs. He gently answered that there are not and that can't prepare one because of an imminent trip for Asia. Btw I don't worry!
    I'going to attend my degree the next march, 3. I like to have your attention and I thank you for being such an extraordinary musician and man.
    Greetings from Italy
    Andrea Piangiolino Bari Italy

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