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Should Russ Record a Solo Album?

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by Rudy, Nov 29, 2003.


Should Russ record a solo album?

  1. Yes

  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  1. wepopalot

    wepopalot New Member

    You mean to tell me I've been searching every mom and pop CD shop in the country for a CD that don't exist. Heck yeah, he needs to do a solo project, and do it now!
  2. june

    june Active Member

  3. jacofan

    jacofan Active Member

    Absolutely!! I wonder why he hasn't yet. With all of the beautiful improvised and non-improvised solos he does on Yellowjackets tunes and his wonderful compositions, why wouldn't it be amazing? Russ, when are you going to make a solo album?
    BTW, did Will Kennedy finish his solo album yet?
  4. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    4-1/2 years later and I STILL think Russ should do a solo album! :D
  5. Ron

    Ron Popular Member

    Should he really.... ;o)

    Hey Rudy, you're absolutely right....

    Hey Russ,.....Isn't that an absolutely clear vote?!?! We're waiting....... desperately...;o)
    I'm gonna remind you in summer personally..... I think I have to.... :eek:))))))
  6. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    If Russ and that band he hangs out with (I think they're called "Yellowjackets"?) comes to our area, I'll be sure to mention it. :D
  7. ferdrummer

    ferdrummer New Member


    Ok, hereĀ“s the band for Russel:

    Richard Bona-Bass
    Dave Weckl and Fernando Mendoza- drums
    Adam Rogers and Sandro Albert-Guitar
    Chis Potter and Gary Meek-Sax
  8. jacofan

    jacofan Active Member

    How about this. Russ and some of Josef Zawinul's colleagues get together and do a JOE ZAWINUL TRIBUTE ALBUM!

    Wayne Shorter: winds
    Victor Bailey: bass
    Nathaniel Townsley: drums


    Russ + Zawinl Syndicate
    Garry Poulson: guitar
    Richard Bona: bass
    Paco Sery: drums
    Manolo Badrena: percussion
  9. rickdenson

    rickdenson New Member

    Russ Solo Album

    Russ should definitely record a solo album!!!

    His "signature sound" is very unique innovative and Tasteful

    GO FOR IT RUSS!!!!!
  10. jacofan

    jacofan Active Member

    Come on Russ!
  11. Franko

    Franko Popular Member

    Are you kidding? Of course, YES!!

    At Thursday's, August 14th '08 show at Catalina's in Los Angeles I Told Geraldine that I felt Russ is one of the most prolific modern day Jazz songwriters and HE should do a SOLO project. She totally agreed and said she has been saying it for years. But Russ's main focus is the Yellowjackets.
    So in my book sometimes the sum is greater than the individual achievement's.
  12. barrjoel

    barrjoel New Member

    I'd really like to see you do a solo album in the truest sense: no sidemen at all. I'm picturing sequences and miltitracking of all your favorite studio toys mixed with a few solo piano pieces.
  13. guscaldas2

    guscaldas2 New Member

    Russ, solo work?

    It would be a good idea to have Haslip on bass, Will Kennedy on drums, and Bob Mintzer on sax. Hopefully this is clear enough.
  14. Terence

    Terence Popular Member

    Haha !

    I think a solo album with just him on keys. ..... Preferrably a Christmas album too ;!

    Peace from the East.
  15. mark

    mark Esteemed Member

    Years have passed since this topic came about and we're still waiting!! I know Russ is very committed to YJ but a solo project would be awesome! Imagine this "kick-ass" line up ...

    Ferrante ... Keys & Piano
    Vinnie Colaiuta ... Drums
    John Patitucci ... Bass
    Steve Tavaglione ... Sax
    Frank Gambale ... Guitar

    God bless

  16. pianoman

    pianoman Active Member

    The simple answer is YES,YES,and YESSSSS! The effectiveness of the jackets has been largely the vehicle of composition. Russ is a monster in that department. Most of the guys in jackets have undoubtably contributed as well but russ is the main writer in that group, and the spirit that birthed all those great songs is is inherent in him,so it will just be a continuation of a chapter that started 30 years ago. U GO RUSS!!!
  17. nightowlgk

    nightowlgk New Member

    I had to vote on this. It is unanimous. I love the Metheny idea......and would also like Manfred Eicher (ECM) to invite Russ and Gerry over to do whatever he wants to do. I'd also like a pony.

    After all this time, it might be necessary for someone to light a fire and send a big check as an incentive. I would seriously pitch in.

    As a kind of reference, I loved Lyle's solo Cd's....focusing on the piano more......great reviews too.

    Its about the legacy of Russ' versatility outside the incredible YJ body of work. He has done such a great job with Marilyn, Layla and Kevyn, etc.

    I know personally how hard it can be to write and record a whole CD, with a new concept, outside your "comfort zone". Having said that, I officially vote for a 3 volume set. Solo, trio, and larger group....and get Vince Mendoza or Claus involved too. OK, that's 4 volumes.

    No pressure Russ.
  18. altagedaliah

    altagedaliah Active Member

    Mitchel Forman and or Gil Goldstein.
    Make this a collaborative effort of my favorite musicians/composers/improvisers/arrangers. This is a must hear project.
  19. lamb76

    lamb76 New Member

    Album- Solo

    Yes!!! Most definitely!
  20. RC

    RC New Member

    I'm listening to "Greenhouse" right now, and would love to hear Russ tackle some true orchestral compositions... or the exact opposite... he could just sit at the piano and press record and improvise for an hour and I'd buy it... Russ is a frickin' genius.

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