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Should Russ Record a Solo Album?

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by Rudy, Nov 29, 2003.


Should Russ record a solo album?

  1. Yes

  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  1. passtheRock

    passtheRock Active Member

    October date

    Hi Russ,
    I see you'll be in my neighborhood Oct. 8th! I'll be there and I'll bring friends.
    John Jorgenson
  2. John

    John Active Member

    Yes, but a SOLO solo project. . .

    I'm thinking like Geneva on Four Corners (yes, I know Jimmy wrote it, I mean the style of that song). A jazz ambiance album where he uses his keyboard for all of the different sounds. One of the signatures of the Yellowjackets sound is that he makes the horns sound "fatter" by playing keyboard "big band horns" in the background. Though there tons of examples, "Out of Town" is an obvious one. Sometimes his keys are emulating strings, sometimes voice, sometimes African percussion. His piano playing is so intricately rhythmic and grooving, I can easily "hear" him emulating bass and drums. And look at the credits of the songs -- there's no question he can write. So, some ambiant jazz tunes, some jazz piano solo songs, a couple of classic trio bop-style songs with Ray Carter on upright bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums :) and maybe closing with one classical piece.
  3. shasta

    shasta Active Member

    Dream Band for Russ Solo project

    Scanned through this whole topic a little band and came about a lot of posts for the dream band for an outside project. Ok, here is mine:
    Russ on keys, John Scofield on guitar(they share a lot of the R&B/Blues feel and would work well), Gary Willis from Tribal Tech on bass or John Pattitucci and Terri Lynn Carrington on Drums. All of the other musicians are great composers too and could contribute a tune...Russ and Sco...myohmy...that would be something...

    p.s. just saw a Blues Project with Larry Carlton teaming with Robben Ford in Southern Oregon...that was an awesome display of Blues/Jazzguitar playing!!
  4. akhmetchine

    akhmetchine New Member

    ..just wanted to delete my post..
  5. Cliffdogg

    Cliffdogg Active Member

    Russ' solo album

    Since Russ is a very "chordal" pianist, it would be great to hear a solo piano CD, similar to Chick Corea's "Expressions." Russ' harmonic sense is incredible, and I would love to hear him completely without any restrictions and clutter of any other instruments. That includes without synthesizers. The color of the piano combined with the color of his harmonies would be amazing!
  6. passtheRock

    passtheRock Active Member

    Why not something totally different, like Russ on piano and Billy Preston on Hammond? Or sampling some old Tito Puente vibes with Russ laying down the keys?
    Maybe a keyboard fest like the guitar thing you see on PBS. Bring a bunch of keys guys together.
  7. Cliffdogg

    Cliffdogg Active Member

    Billy Preston

    Billy is kind of dead, so it would be difficult for him to collaborate on a recording. Unless, of course he's like Elvis . . .

    But I'm always up for some Hammond organ :)
  8. dan77

    dan77 Active Member

    Russ - Solo Album

    How about a quartet -

    Russel - Keyboards
    Guitair - Lee Ritenour
    Drums - Dave Weckl
    Bass - John Pattituci
  9. passtheRock

    passtheRock Active Member

    The idea for working with Billy or Tito was what it was; . . . a work that would resurrect the dead! But, after seeing Yellowjackets live for the first time, I'm going to have to change my vote. I can't see how one might improve on what already exists. A "Russ" project would have to be something completely different from Yellowjackets or it wouldn't be right. Just my humble opinion.
    Thanks again Russ for a great evening!
  10. zivy

    zivy Active Member

    Re: ferrante's album


    I agree with almost everything you said about others, but Bob Mintzer??
    Lack of technique??? Are you insane? He's one of the most fine players I've ever heard, even if I don't mind, every single piece I've heard him playing I couldn't find any flaw, he's darn smooth, his chops are monster chops, and his sound is the kinda sound I'd like to have one day. I love his improvisations, so rich, so exact.
    That's my opinion.
  11. linwood

    linwood New Member

    I'm thinking with Claus Ogerman.
  12. DrewSchultz88

    DrewSchultz88 Popular Member

    You could record a duets / solo album with some of the pianists you've always wanted to play with. That'd be awesome!
  13. Nohn_Intaranan

    Nohn_Intaranan New Member

    How about...

    a mainstream jazz quartet with ..

    pat metheny /Guitar
    steve gadd/ drums
    dave holland/ bass

    But whatever would it be... it's Russ's idea to choose a way to do his solo
    album or not to do. For me, I love to hear Russ's record album in mainstream jazz.....
  14. scanlan2314

    scanlan2314 Active Member

    the band is so multi and beautifuly talented any of the members would blend with whomever
    I hope they never ever split they are a true blessing from god to make the music they make
  15. scanlan2314

    scanlan2314 Active Member

    I can remember in the eightys listnening to them with my five year old son he would run around the table at an intense rate of speed whenever I would put in mirage a trois we practily wore that cd out he is 20 now and we both enjoy together life without the yellowjackets would have a void in it .music as such is a gift from God and hope it remains with us for a long time.Dennis Scanlan
  16. DrewSchultz88

    DrewSchultz88 Popular Member

    Scanlan, I agree with you - life without the Yellowjackets would be a difficult one to struggle through the daily grind - to the band, thanks!
  17. scanlan2314

    scanlan2314 Active Member

    This Is Scanlan, Thanx To Whom Ever Replied To My Statement About The Daily Grind Without The Yellowjackets. Feels Good To Share The Same Feelings...
  18. DrewSchultz88

    DrewSchultz88 Popular Member

    Not a problem. Music in general helps me get through the day, as it does with so many others.
  19. scanlan2314

    scanlan2314 Active Member

    How about Russ, Stanley Clarke ,Robin Ford William Kennedy, or how about Russ And George Duke teaming up with Gabriealla Anders and and Stanley Clarke Jeff Kawisha.

  20. DrewSchultz88

    DrewSchultz88 Popular Member

    Woah - George Duke would be awesome!

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