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Should Russ Record a Solo Album?

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by Rudy, Nov 29, 2003.


Should Russ record a solo album?

  1. Yes

  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  1. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    OK, folks. Jimmy's done it, Bob did it for years before joining Yellowjackets...so, do you think Russ should record a solo album? Let us know, and vote yes or no!
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  2. Geraldine

    Geraldine Administrator Staff Member

    I definately think YES...it would be a beautiful album
    Rudy likes this.
  3. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    How about some ideas for a solo recording?

    1. Pick some musicians you think would work well with Russell musically. And pick a format (duo, trio, quartet, etc.).

    2. Choose the type of music or songs Russell could perform. All originals? A couple of classics? Music by one composer?

    I'll think of some ideas and post them later. ;)
  4. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member

    Gerry, you are biased.

    :) But you are also right.
  5. mark

    mark Esteemed Member


    I definitely think that Russ should consider doing a solo album. He's a great songwriter and keyboardist and has all the experience in the world. Russ, I hope you will give this some serious thought!
    As for musicians that I would love to hear on the possible album, how does this sound: John Patitucci, Vinnie Colaiuta, Eric Marienthal, Alex Acuna, mIke Miller and Frank Gambale.

    Best wishes,
    Mark David
  6. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member

    My take on band members for Russell's solo album:

    Russell Ferrante
    Robben Ford
    Brian Blade
    Marcus Miller

    with Joshua Redman featuring on some tracks.

    Predominantly Bluesy feel. Very laid back!
  7. Mr. Vladimir

    Mr. Vladimir Esteemed Member

    Shou.d Russell record a solo album?

    Most definitely not. Just kidding. :) I hate it when everyone agrees on somethng 100%. That's why I also cast a no vote :)
    I would love to hear Russell Ferrante's solo project in either a trio or quartet setting.
    In a trio setting, I would choose either Christian McBride or John Patitucci on bass, Horacio Hernandez on Drums, and Russell Ferrante on Piano and Synthesizers.
    In a quartet setting, I would add Russell Malone on Guitar.
    I would love to hear the YJs record an album with Claus Ogerman first. :)

    Mr. Vladimir :)
  8. sergiosalvatore

    sergiosalvatore New Member

    Russ's Solo Album

    Russ should _definitely_ record a solo record. Let's go Russ!!!

  9. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    Re: Shou.d Russell record a solo album?

    Now that is a cool idea!
  10. Kev

    Kev New Member

    I like the sound of that Ford, Blade, Miller line-up. And how about adding Kurt Elling into the mix?

    I'd defy anyone to beat me to the record shop! (Even a young whipper-snapper like Sergio :) )

    Come on Russ, bring it on.
  11. dd88grand

    dd88grand Active Member

    I think it would be great, and I hope he has a book out with the album, and I hope he puts Imperial Strut as one of the songs. Been listening to the YJ's since the 1980's, Russell your a monster keyboard player. I am not from San Jose, but I lived there for 13 yrs, and that is where I first heard of you and first heard your music, and that you went to Leigh High school. You were awsome back then, I can imagine what you are like now. GOD bless you and keep you is my prayer. 8)
  12. dd88grand

    dd88grand Active Member

    Doesn't Solo, mean by yourself, Solo. I think just him on the piano would be a great project. 8)
  13. iunowhu

    iunowhu Active Member

    If he's to do a solo album with other musicians, why not get a line up of new talent? Players like Collaiuta, Miller and Pattituci who are great but have a distinctive sound, would take much attention away from Russel's music. I'd say, if you do an album of your own, get some fresh talent.
    Yes, do a solo album, i will buy it anyway, but a dream cast will not always make a dream team. Somehow technical highlights and show off virtuosity wouldn't suit Russel's music, as composition and vibe are his trademarks.
  14. HiFiEER

    HiFiEER Active Member

    Post Subject

    Well, I must say I love the Claus Ogerman idea. I'm sure everyone here played the hell out of the 1982 Michael Brecker/Ogerman "CITYSCAPE" album. Michael sounds like Almighty God and just plays his heart & soul out. I'm sure the experience would be just as inspiring for Russell.

    Honestly fellas, I need to really think this one over, and come back with my musician picks. Ultimately, I think Russell will do what Russell wants, but for the sake of this poll, I'll list some ideas: Maybe something like a Bob James, or Dave Grusin approach with a full big band jazz orchestra and strings.
    Movie Scores, Themes
    TV Show Themes (workups on old and new Mike Post TV show themes, maybe one old and in particuliar from the 1960's...the "Route 66" TV Series Theme.

    HEY!! JUST ONE IDEA GUYS...It takes a village.
  15. Ruslan

    Ruslan Active Member

    The band for Russ' Solo Project

    GO RUSS!!!

    Michael Brecker
    John Patitucci
    Gary Novak
  16. Russ Solo?!@#*&^&*+?<!!!

    Are you kidding? I'm responding to this question - whether Russ should do a solo album? I'm confused. Russ is a total solo waiting to happen all the time! What's the dilemma?! Best of everything Russ, Jimmy, Bob and Marcus - and congrats on the wonderful present you gave us, Peace Round (not to mention Times Squared!).
    Best always in 2004 -
  17. Russ

    Russ Moderator Yellowjacket

    So great to hear from you! Hope you're doing well. Thanks for checking in on the Jackets' site. Do you have Tortoise worked out yet? Come on, I'm counting on you! Hope you're continuing to write and perform. Would be great to see you. Take good care.
  18. Ruslan

    Ruslan Active Member

    Om the other hand...

    as much as all the members of the band are more than a vital contribution.. and totally part of the sound and all, I feel confident saying that The Jackets... in a way... ARE the ultimate Russ Ferrante Solo Project...

    if you really know the jackets music, I think you will agree.
  19. Ron

    Ron Popular Member

    Russ Solo?

    Great Idea,

    I would love to get a solo album by Russ all alone....
    I'm only asking for one small favour... Please do NOT include MARCUS MILLER into the recording. Seemed, that he slapped away his soul somehow. He's only a good technician,.. nothing else.

    My Musician 1st choice would be the following:
    Keys: Russel Ferrante (if there's no time left in his schedule, in an emergency case, I think I could stand Joe Sample playing :D )
    Bass: 1st choice definitely: Jimmy Haslip.
    2nd choice: John Patitucci
    I, myself would also love to pitch in, if there should be a demand

    Drums: 1st choice: Marcus Baylor
    2nd choice: Dennis Chambers or Lionel Cordew

    Sax: 1st choice: Bob Mintzer
    2nd choice: Brandon Fields or Tony Lakatos

    A Guitar is not really necessary, but if Russ should want one, he should not choose Robben Ford. Robben's got lost in the blues somehow...
    Perhaps Mike Stern or Mike Miller

    Best wishes for the band for 2004, I'm waiting for a new Album :D . I like Peace Round, but It does not have to necessarily be an Easter Album.....
  20. Ruslan

    Ruslan Active Member

    off topic..

    I must disagree about Marcus Miller!!

    Alain Caron is a pure technician... even if you said Victor Wooten, I would somehow understand... but Marcus Miller? come on bro,. what records have you checked out? (I hate his live stuff!! but "The sun dont lie" and "Tales" have quite afew great tunes on them) Tunes like, "the panther,. " Sun Don't Lie" , " rush over".. "Ethiopia", "Mr Pastorius" for gods sake.. Nothing more than a technician....?

    I do agree 100% that he should NOT be in Russ's solo project though...

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