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Seattle - Jazz Alley - Tuesday 5-14-2019

Discussion in 'Pass It On' started by Merciful Lee Dickens, May 15, 2019 at 7:44 AM.

  1. Merciful Lee Dickens

    Merciful Lee Dickens New Member Thread Starter

    Started my day at 4 am yesterday - my normal (quote unquote) waking time on weekdays.
    Knew it was going to be rough this morning after the show, but oh wow - so very very glad I got to see you guys again. You are consummate musicians, virtuosos all, and you were flawless [one bad cord maybe but not one bad chord]. You are such a tight band. Easily one of the best show I've seen this year. I'm still riding the adrenaline buzz. Thank you so much!


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