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Sax Setup for Holland

Discussion in 'Bob's Room' started by peterbouter, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. peterbouter

    peterbouter New Member Thread Starter

    Hello Mr. Mintzer,

    I am a saxophone player from the Netherlands. I play a King Super 20 silversonic. I am using a carbonite Link mouthpiece right know. Although I know you play a different saxophone I still would like to kow your sax setup (mouthpiece, reeds etc.). Thanking you in advance,

    Peter Bouter
    The Netherlands
  2. Bob Mintzer

    Bob Mintzer Moderator Yellowjacket

    saxophone setup

    I'm playing on an old Selmer Mark 6 (56,000) that was gold plated around 7 years ago.
    The mouthpiece was made by Freddie Gregory in London.It is an ebonite piece with a tip opening of 7*. I use Vandoren V16 reeds, strength 3 1/2. It is a comfortable setup that I dont have to think much about. Hope this helps! Bob
  3. peterbouter

    peterbouter New Member Thread Starter

    Thanks Mr.Mintzer,

    I am still in that phase called: search for the setup. Damn that Coltrane.
    Dank u wel voor de informatie en groeten uit Holland.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Peter Bouter
  4. Sonnet

    Sonnet New Member

    Thanks for your mail. I dont have music for that piece. You might try Russ. He was the arranger on that one. Good luck with your studies and recital. Bob
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