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RIP Michael Brecker

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by Grillman, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Grillman

    Grillman Popular Member Thread Starter

    One of the great sax players died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He was only 57 years old. I'm sure all the sax players that knew and admired his talent will miss him greatly.
  2. Gert

    Gert Popular Member

  3. mark

    mark Esteemed Member

    This is really horrible news. He was such a great player, and a wonderful person. I was lucky enough to hear him live as well as meet the great man during a Brecker Brothers show in Kuala Lumpur many years back. The world of jazz has lost 2 amazing sax players, Brecker and Bob Berg. His passing is definitely a huge loss, but I guess God has a reason why he lets certain things happen.
    Take care and God bless.

    Rest In Peace Michael.

    Mark David
  4. miK.

    miK. Esteemed Member

    Michael Brecker Youtube clips

    No lifetime career can be summed up by one performance of course,
    but check out these great clips of Michael on Youtube:

    Brecker & Pat Metheny - "Every Day I Thank You"

    Dave Grusin NY Big Band Featuring Brecker - "Something's Coming"

    Makote Ozone Trio With Brecker - "Madame Toulouse"

    Brecker with Steps Ahead 2004 reunion in Japan - "Self Portrait"

    RIP Michael.


  5. Lorraine68

    Lorraine68 New Member

    I bought Pilgrimage the first week it was available in stores in Canada--to me it's absolutely his best ever, but then could also be because I know there'll never be another one...RIP Michael.
  6. jorgea

    jorgea New Member


    It's too bad to learn the death of another very talented sax player.
  7. ambermollers

    ambermollers New Member

    I really mourned the day he died. So sad for the music industry.

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