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OC Pavilion - Santa Ana, CA - 6/15/2008

Discussion in 'Set Lists' started by wplittle, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. wplittle

    wplittle Popular Member Thread Starter

    The OC Pavilion Performing Arts Theater
    801 N. Main St.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    6/15/2008, 8:00 PM, 1 set

    Spirit of the West
    Dewey (for Miles)
    Falken's Maze
    Claire's Closet
    Sea Folk

    Great show, I never tire of seeing these guys live! No Mike Stern this time, but looking forward to seeing him play with the Jackets in August at Catalina's. Interesting to hear the new tunes without the guitar - they hold up pretty well.

    Lots of bass solos from our friend Mr. Haslip. Not as much soloing as I'm used to from Russ, but he got a few in there. He did an interesting twist to the intro for Sea Folk that was musically fascinating, would love to hear that on a future live record. Bob's playing was strong, as always. Marcus did a solo at the end of Runferyerlife using only brushes, and it was nothing short of incredible. I shared a table right up front with two really cool cats who had never seen the Jackets live before. Needless to say they were quite impressed (says one: "I think I have a new favorite drummer!")

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