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New Jeff Lorber CD

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by mark, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. mark

    mark Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Hi Guys,

    I just picked up Jeff Lorber's latest album, "He Had A Hat", and it's simply awesome. It's one of his best since his "Worth Waiting For" in 1993. Jeff's playing is fantastic throughout and he just keeps getting better. The album also features Dave Weckl and the smooth soulful voice of Eric Benet among others. For those who have not got this one yet, I highly recommend it. For those who do, let me know what you think.
    Best Wishes.

  2. burden21

    burden21 Popular Member


    I agree completely. I own 5 other Lorber CD's and in my opinion this is his best work. What really impressed me is the diversity of songs. A little big band, straight ahead, R&B, contemporary, this CD seems to have it all.

  3. miK.

    miK. Esteemed Member

    Thanks for the rec guys, I will check this one out.

    Being a keyboardist, I have always liked Lorber, but found his CDs to
    be a little inconsistent from one to the next. Glad to hear the good
    reviews on this one and will have to pick it up!


    p.s. Here's a great interview with JL about the CD from allaboutjazz:
  4. mark

    mark Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Hey Mike

    Yeah I also did feel the same way, about his albums being pretty inconsistent from one another. My favourites previously were Worth Waiting For and West Side Stories. But I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the others that followed.
    I'm sure you'll like He Had A Hat. Jeff writing and playing is in top form here. As mentioned in my earlier post, there are some heavyweights playing on this album ... Weckl, Colaiuta, Albright, singer Eric Benet and many others.
    Take care and God bless.

    Mark David
  5. Mr. Vladimir

    Mr. Vladimir Esteemed Member

  6. Mark of Cenla

    Mark of Cenla Esteemed Member

    That is a very good CD!
  7. Grillman

    Grillman Popular Member

    I also have the new Lorber CD and I agree it is awesome. He has a great crew of guest artists and even the Blood,Sweat,and Tears horn section( Bobby Coloumby the BST drummer produced this CD).You should all check out a new CD by HEMISPHERES. This group really has a sound much like the Yellowjackets.The drummer is Joel Rosenblatt, ex drummer from Spyrogyra. Bass player is Ric Fierabracchi, and keyboard player Phil Turcio.Check out samples of this fantastic CD at joelrosenblatt.com.
  8. Ron

    Ron Popular Member

    Thanks for recommendation of the new Lorber CD

    You guys are great. Thank you....

    Got a bunch of new CDs today.... also Thanks to your recommendation(s)!
    Only had a short ear on it, but "look" extremely (only) kind of smooth and somehow kicking.... ;o)

    What I can recommend; Also only had a very short ear on it.. but also "looks" extremely promising.... Seems that Robben crawled out of his Blues cave...: Neil Larsen - Orbit, with JIMMY on bass..... Sounds like great JazzRock and as far as the liner notes by Stewart Levine go.... seems to have been recorded "live" at one weekend only....

    .... Now there's ONLY ONE CD missing for this year ;o)))))))))))))) You won't imagine which one I'm talkin' about..... Can't wait....

    ...but I think I have to check out the Hemispheres thing also.... :eek:)

    A big hug to all you music lovers out there....
  9. mbase

    mbase Active Member

    also got the new lorber and agree with all of you it is the best thing he has done in years,so much like when he was the jeff lorber fusion,
    also got the hemispheres album superb,if you like the jackets,weckl and steve weingart you cant go wrong,
    got the neil larsen album as well i love this so much a lot of it is new recordings of old tunes with different arrangements,the production is superb as is the playing.
    another album i have just ordered but have not got yet is the new one by anther of my favorite keyboard players john beasley ,called letter to herbie, cant wait for this one.

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