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New Album: "Raising Our Voice"

Discussion in 'Pass It On' started by Rudy, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    The newest Yellowjackets recording, Raising Our Voice, will be released September 14, 2018, featuring guest vocalist Luciana Souza.


    We will have ordering available on our site shortly. We are in the process of moving the BuzZ Catalog back to this site, and are finishing up the technical details to make it happen. :)

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  2. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member

    Great news! The title of the album is intriguing, and if it means what I think it does is all the more perfect! Welcome back guys!
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  3. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    I'm hoping to get some sound clips up here soon, and we are finishing up work on relaunching the Buzz Store here on the site, since Amazon's setup really is difficult (and expensive) to work with. It will be interesting to hear Luciana's vocals with the group, won't it?
  4. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member

    It sure will. I've enjoyed past work the group have done with other vocalists such as Bobby McFerrin, Brenda Russell and Kurt Elling. Have to admit I'm not familiar with Luciana's work but from the brief clip I heard of 'Man Facing North' she sounds like a natural fit.
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  5. mark

    mark Esteemed Member

    Placed my order. Can't wait for my CD to arrive. Another masterpiece for sure.
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  6. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    We're almost ready on the new Buzz Store. Once we get one more thing in place, we will have the new CD available, signed by the band. I'm hoping to have this online in about 24 hours.

    For now we will just be introducing online ordering for US, Canada and Mexico, but will add other worldwide destinations soon. We are using a new cart platform, so we want to be sure it is working properly before we attempt further international shipments. For those, we have a link to our Buzz Store on Amazon on our main home page, where proceeds from the sale of any of our listed items go directly to the band.
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  7. mark

    mark Esteemed Member

    Been listening to this new album all day. Yet another masterpiece by the greatest band on the planet. I've been a fan since 1987 and this one is up there with the best Jackets albums out there. Can't imagine what my life would be without them. Thank you Russell and Co for yet another beautiful album. Love you guys from the bottom of my heart.
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  8. Bikeme1

    Bikeme1 Curious

    I'd like to buy the version of this CD that is signed by the band (all my other YJ CDs are signed), but the store says you are out of stock. Are you planning to create any more?

  9. Frank

    Frank Esteemed Member

    Loving the new album. Favourites include Ecuador, Brotherly and Man Facing Nortth. Thanks guys. You never fail to deliver.
    Luciana's voice sounds divine.
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  10. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member Thread Starter

    Did anyone get in touch with you about the signed CDs? If not, let me know.

    If they are out on tour, having them sign more CD booklets might have to wait until they returned to the US. I know that they signed a stack of them prior to release day, but they probably went through them rather quickly.
  11. Mark of Cenla

    Mark of Cenla Esteemed Member

    I really like it. Peace and goodwill.

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