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mint jam dvd

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by DDS, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. DDS

    DDS Active Member Thread Starter

    hey all, has anyone watched the mint jam dvd yet? i just got the New morning in paris it is totally awsome.

  2. k.anderson3454

    k.anderson3454 New Member

    No. I am really jealous of you.
  3. Ron

    Ron Popular Member

    Hey guys,
    Mint Jam is just awesome... I was waiting for it for a long time. Then first TWENTY FIVE was issued..... but Mint Jam is better..... :eek:)

    The great thing is that (at least most of) the songs different versions than on the CD....

    I just love it - My favourite Jackets Live recording..... (perhaps not even only live).

    Have fun....
  4. wplittle

    wplittle Popular Member

    Hey and as an added feature it has a version of "Spirit of the West" that wasn't on the CD at all. This DVD is really awesome all around, the sound quality is great, the editing is great, etc. Definitely worth getting.

    Now let's see about a Live Wires DVD..... :)

    GLMPAR New Member

    Where can I purchase a copy of the Mint Jam DVD ? I seen the " New Morning The Paris Concert. It was great !
  6. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member

    Happy New Year to everyone - YJ's and fans alike,
    I think the Mint Jam dvd is absoutely brilliant and as wplittle noted, an additional Spirit of the West on it which is fantastic, I was fortunate enough to be at the New Morning gig ( complete with wife and son ! ) in Paris when it was filmed, another fantastic night from the band and another great memory. Only wish someone in the UK would get their act together and book the guys for a gig in 2011, not even Ronnie Scotts featured them in 2010 ?


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