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Discussion in 'Will's Room' started by Simmo, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Hi Will, I thought it appropriate to mention to you that apart from being an ace drummer you are also an ace MC, after your performance at Scotts last Saturday ! I hope you keep that going because you are a natural public speaker and it was quite refreshing to hear,
    Cheers Simmo
  2. willkrew

    willkrew Moderator Yellowjacket

    Greetings and Thank You so much,

    This is the most incredible compliment because it is not an area I feel the most comfortable.
    When Bob Mintzer is not with us, the MC gig falls to me and I'd much rather keep my mouth shut and deal with tempos, grooves, supporting the music, etc - when you add MC to the works, it can be a bit challenging so thank you for your comments; knowing that someone was listening makes me feel very cool about doing it in the future when the opportunity arrives.

    All Best and thanks for your continued support of Yellowjackets!!

  3. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Hi Will,

    Well I don't think many people who have to speak publicly even for a living are totally comfortable with it, its never an easy thing to accomplish. I guess with the kind of music the band puts out one wouldn't ordinarily associate the band with any sense of big stage presence in comparison to say a top rock band if you know what I mean. But I always remember watching a UK band years ago called the Jon Hiseman Colliseum, you may have heard of him as he was a top drummer, this was early 1970's or thereabouts. Many bands in the rock style were coming across as a pretty unhealthy bunch all told, and never much in the way of verbal communication to the audience between numbers. But Jon Hiseman's band were quite the opposite especially musically as they expressed their music in vividly healthy terms ! Your bouncy approach to doing the MC job was refreshing, interesting and without undermining Bob Mintzer at all, I think you should keep the MC spot ! Or better still split it between you each gig, I know it is the music that really counts but these days it is also about communication. If you have a feeling for it as you clearly have then use it to your advantage.
    Always a pleasure to see and hear the band and trust that it will be sometime later this year or early 2014 when you return to the UK.
    Cheers Simmo
  4. compac

    compac New Member

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