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Les is mo - Concert in South Africa

Discussion in 'Bob's Room' started by Tim Blanchard, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Tim Blanchard

    Tim Blanchard New Member Thread Starter

    Hi - just picked up a cd of a festival in South Africa, the 1st track of which is one of your tracks called les is mo (I think I have spelt that correctly). Loved it. Wondered if there was sheet music or anything of it around - our piano player is finding the intro devilishly hard. Can I confirm 2 things - the solos modulate up a tone and is it a straight forward (!) 12 bar.


  2. Bob Mintzer

    Bob Mintzer Moderator Yellowjacket

    The song Less is Mo is from the Mint Jam cd. There is a songbook of all the music on that collection available at the Yellowjackets site Buzz catalogue. The form is a 12 bar form similar to blues, but there is an unusual turnaround in the last four bars. I dont believe the tune modulates for solos or otherwise. Perhaps the turnaround makes it seem like it. Bob
  3. ian

    ian Popular Member

    festival in south africa

    Hi Tim
    Please let us know which festival cd this is.... we are alway s looking down here in Cape Town!
    South Africa
  4. bernie12345

    bernie12345 Esteemed Member

    Well, the main melody is in G and the solos are in Bb. There is no modulation during the solos, however. The melody is at letter A, and after the melody is repeated, there is a cadence at the second ending that modulates to Bb, then Russ plays the intro figure in the new key to set up the solos. After the last solo, a section labeled "On Cue" sets up the return to G for the last melody.

    Barnaby Finch
  5. Mishima01

    Mishima01 New Member

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