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Kudos to you and maybe a couple of requests

Discussion in 'Bob's Room' started by Chris Lewis, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis Active Member Thread Starter

    Heh Bob just a quick note and thank you for taking time to interact. been revisiting Blue Hats and have just been astounded. As I posted many years ago (get ready) your improvisation on Prayer for Peace may be one of the greatest sax solos I have ever heard.How do you get rid of studio nerves and play an almost composed masterpiece in the studio?
    Also has Coquimbo ever been revisited since the record date. I think its is in my top five Jacket tunes of all time.
    Requests for Folly theatre in KC MO in April:


    Thanks for considering
    Chris Lewis in Kansas City
  2. Bob Mintzer

    Bob Mintzer Moderator Yellowjacket

    jackets music

    Thanks for the kind words. I've been doing this for a while, so the nerves thing isn't much of an issue. It is always a great treat to play with the Yellowjackets, so I savor these experiences and feel inspired to play my best. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to work with these fellows. See you in KC
  3. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis Active Member Thread Starter

    Bob incredible show at the Folly in KC. So great to hear Dreamland. What a beautiful melody. Also you guys inspired me to revisit Mint Jam. Wow ,full of great tunes. Mosaic was a great opener.Great to meet all of you afterwards. I always say... the best thing about the Yellowjackets , besides those outro/codas is the way they interact with their fans. Its amazing in this day and age. Safe travels and thanks for your commitment to Yellowjackets. you guys are tight man. Marcus has really found it.
    Chris Lewis
  4. Cagatey01

    Cagatey01 New Member


    I generally practice things that I have to play with various bands. I try to find new pathways through the changes. I sometimes improvise something then work on some part of it by playing the phrase in differend keys and in different ways.
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