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Kansas City Show

Discussion in 'Jimmy's Room [Archived]' started by 10ecjazzman, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. 10ecjazzman

    10ecjazzman New Member Thread Starter

    I am one the the guys that took the group photo after the Kansas City show. I was talking with Russ about a picture I took of the group from a performance in Franklin Tennessee in 2002. That picture , in the gallery of this website, is on the wall of my office. I cant tell you how many people have pointed out that the bassist in the photo is NOT JIMMY HASLIP.. Like i didn't notice that. The thing is...I can't remember who he was. Who was he? Thanks for a great show in Kansas City!
  2. Gert

    Gert Popular Member

    Zev Katz

    Two comments from te past:

    Reaction from Bob Mintzer on the buzz forum:
    Actually, the bassist who filled in for Jimmy is Zev Katz.
    He lives in New York, and played on a big band cd of mine called Camouflage in
    1986. Zev is a great musician, as was displayed by the fact that he had less
    than 12 hours to learn the music. As you can well imagine Jimmy was certainly
    missed. But under the circumstances Zev did an amazing job, and we are thankful that he offered to help out.

    And a reaction from Russell Ferante:

    ……………… Jim wasn't able to be with us due to a family emergency but we sincerely appreciated everyone's understanding of a difficult situation. We were ready to cancel the entireweekend but upon speaking to all parties and weighing the pros and cons, we
    determined it would be better to do whatever we could in order to fullfill our
    commitment to our fans and all the people that had worked so hard to put on
    these events. Again we greatly appreciate the positive feedback from those
    that attended the shows. It makes us feel like we made the right decision.

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