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Jimmy's website

Discussion in 'Jimmy's Room [Archived]' started by nofrets5, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. nofrets5

    nofrets5 New Member Thread Starter

    Jimmy, what's up with your website??? It's been messed up for months, have you given up on keeping your fans in the loop on what you're up to?
  2. marco

    marco Popular Member

    Well, Jimmy surely does not seem much interested in... web interactions with his fans, lately.
    It has been several months now since the last time he wrote something on this forum.

    To be honest, quite the same can be said about the others, apart from Russ, who on the contrary has always been there, even while touring around the world.

    Nothing to "complain" about, obviously; maybe they are very busy or maybe they just don't like spending any time in reading and writing messages. After all, they are musicians!

    Anyway, once you open a web forum or a web site with a sign saying something like "here you can ask me questions" you should expect that someone pops in hoping for answers...
  3. rockbox

    rockbox New Member

    Jimmy is always interested in his fans. Unfortunately, Jimmy's website was hijacked by another individual. That person, a dentist in Virginia, has refused to release it back to Jimmy without payment of a large and very unreasonable amount of money. We will be in process with ICANN to try to get it back, but that is never a sure thing. In order to create a new site, we have secured www.jimhaslip.com and will be developing it after the new year. Jimmy's travel schedule is crazy right now. I personally would have dropped dead by now if I tried to keep his schedule. I hope that in the new year we will be able to make it easier for Jimmy to interact and communicate with all his fans. Have a great New Year!
  4. wplittle

    wplittle Popular Member

    Rockbox - interesting to hear about Jimmy's website. That sucks, but I know that domain name hijacking happens a lot. I noticed that his site was messed up a while ago but figured that Jimmy was simply too busy to be able to deal with it, so wasn't an issue for me.

    Last time I talked to Jimmy he told me that he was essentially part of 4 or 6 actively touring bands including the Yellowjackets and that on top of that he's doing production and session work as it comes up. I don't know how he does it, and I'm no stranger to crazy schedules! But I'm glad for him that he can work as much as he wants/needs to, not everybody gets that privilege in the current economic setup.

    For those who haven't checked out Renegade Creation yet, quit reading this message and look it up NOW!


    p.s. rockbox, is your company a descendant of Tom Scholz's RockBox products from back in the day?
  5. Branden

    Branden New Member

    Yes, your site is it? :crazy:
  6. Jasonn

    Jasonn New Member

    what is mean of "jimmy's website" tell me detail about this site, and also send me website |URL|.

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