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It was good to see you

Discussion in 'Will's Room' started by jc8906, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. jc8906

    jc8906 Active Member Thread Starter

    I am the guy you spoke to when you came off stage at the Firehouse Cafe in Mount Laurel that was taking the pictures. I did not get as many as I wanted but I will send you what I got if you want. Great show and it was good to see you back with the Jackets.
  2. willkrew

    willkrew Moderator Yellowjacket

    Got Pic's

    C'mon let's get a look see!!

    Thanks for being there - that was one of the early gigs since being back in the band.

    I can't tell you how much fun it has been playing this music and learning the new stuff

    All Good -

    So how can i see those pic's you took

    Hit me back - Will
  3. jc8906

    jc8906 Active Member Thread Starter

    I will send you what I have if you give me a email address. I have them on my machine. I wish that I could have gotten more. I knew you were tired after that gig and could not wait to get in the dressing room. So I tried not to hold you up too long.
  4. jc8906

    jc8906 Active Member Thread Starter

    Pictures from NJ John Cornett, Firehouse Cafe

    Will send me a private message, and I will send you the pics my email address is listed. I would like if you could to send me the written version of that Cameroon rythym that you on Capetown. I got the feel, but I would like to see it to confirm what I am feeling.
  5. jc8906

    jc8906 Active Member Thread Starter

  6. jc8906

    jc8906 Active Member Thread Starter

    I heard you were in Atlantic City, and I am sorry that I did not get a chance to see you. A lady that I work with for years Henrietta is president of the Chicken Bone Beach Society.
  7. jc8906

    jc8906 Active Member Thread Starter

    I just checked and I did not miss you it is this week that you be in AC. I am looking forward to seeing you and maybe you will check this Post before Thursday. I will look for the Pics that I took last time at the Firehouse Cafe

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