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Help identifying a tune?

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by yebdox, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. yebdox

    yebdox Active Member Thread Starter

    Hi, Russ,

    Big fan of all of your work... with the band, as well as with Robben. Have been listening whenever I get the opportunity, beginning with the tour for Inside Story, back in Portland, OR in 1980 or so.

    I used to live in LA and loved listening to you play with Robben at "At My Place", Hop Singh's and elsewhere in the middle 80's and (shamefaced here) would sneak my cheapy Sony stereo micro-cassette into the club, just to learn tunes and cop Robben's stuff. I know, maybe not politically correct, but no money was made, no tapes were shared.

    So, if I'm not in danger of ex-communication after that admission, I want to figure out how to post a tune clip that I've never heard on anyone's recordings... Intro (4/4) with bass pedal tone on D, eighth notes, with following changes: G (add4? sus?) - D6 - Dmin7 - repeat, melody begins on Gmin7 - Bb/F- Eø - A7#5b9 - G (add4) - etc.

    Brandon would play the head, you and Robben would solo.. great tune, but never caught the name, never heard it on anyone's album.

    Is that enough info to go on? Love that tune, I'm going to write it out for the band I play with, but no sax player currently.

    Thanks, stay healthy. You guys have made some great music over the years and contributed in such a unique way to the lexicon of jazz. Can't say enough good things about your writing and playing. Hope you take your vitamins!
  2. Russ

    Russ Moderator Yellowjacket

    I remember the song, but not the title. I'll be seeing Robben this week and will ask him about it. Thanks for the post, no threat of ex-communication, and hope to be back with you soon with a song title.
  3. yebdox

    yebdox Active Member Thread Starter

    Thanks, Russ, whenever you figure it out will be just fine... I haven't known the answer for 25 years, so I'm good with not knowing, obviously. I have fond memories of those days... your club gigs with Robben were always a treat. Look forward to hearing you again soon, somewhere!

  4. yebdox

    yebdox Active Member Thread Starter

    Russ, did you ever figure out what that tune was? I forgot to check back after all these years. Almost met you at my nephew Josh's wedding with Claire, but that was not to be. Your daughter is lovely, hope she is doing well. Take care (Melanie's brother, Dana)
  5. yebdox

    yebdox Active Member Thread Starter

    Russ, if you ever read this, Christophe from France has a bootleg of the tune, called "Love in the Eighties".... So fun to listen to you guys from those gigs back in LA at At My Place. Cheers! - Dana W

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