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Having a great time learning Imperial Strut!

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by CptnBob, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. CptnBob

    CptnBob New Member Thread Starter

    Hey Russ!! Wanted to let you know how much fun I’ve been having practicing this great song you wrote in the 80’s. I’ve been playing with all kinds of bands around LA for 30 years, pumping left-hand bass a lot. I always listened to you guys while driving home and always marveled at Imperial Strut so, Covid times providing lots of time to practice, I figured what a great time to learn to play it. Barnaby kindly provided the PDF of the bass line and suggested I buy the songbook, which I did so I have all the parts. I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!! For somebody like me who loves to practice, I can’t get enough! I put a nice 16 beat rock pattern on my drum machine with a rim shot on 2 and 4 and work on the bass line, and the independence that is required to play the melody against it is insane, not to mention working on a solo!! I’m up to 105 beats per minute...you guys played it at 125!!
    This is easily as hard as any classical piece I ever worked on in college or any time but it’s way more fun cause, you know, it’s jazz!!
    Thanks for a great piece of music!! LOVE IT.
    Regards, Bob Aymar

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