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from huntington?

Discussion in 'Jimmy's Room [Archived]' started by doc, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. doc

    doc New Member Thread Starter

    Hi Jimmy! I have been a HUGE fan of the band from almost the beginning and I must say that u guys NEVER dissappoint! I have heard it said that you are fromHuntington,NY is that true? Im from Huntington and graduated Huntington High in "74...I played in some bands in the area at the time but I wasnt that great of a drummer just pretty good.My son who is now 22yrs is also a huge Jackets fan...i took him to one of your shows at IMAC theater in huntington..he was only 10 yrs at the time but told me after the show that he wanted to play sax like Bob and his hero John Coltrane! well he still plays sax but has gravitated to the piano and is crazy about Russell and of course the whole band...even my girlfriend really loves the band.I told her that once you've seen it live theres no going back! Incidently that IMAC theater in huntington is now under complete renovation.new owners are shooting the moon to make it a top teir theater...i hope that u guys will play there when its opened(i live 5 minutes from there). Just wanted to say how much my clan loves u guys and so glad to see the longevity with the artistry intact!!!
  2. evasm88ii

    evasm88ii Active Member

    I would agree that you guys don't disappoint. I would also like to know if you are coming to Huntington. I would like to introduce a few of my friends in the area to you guys. If you have a date, let us know. They have heard you through beats headphones, but have not heard you in person.

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