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Four Corners: Surely, one of the greatest achievements.

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by Crotchet, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Crotchet

    Crotchet Active Member Thread Starter

    I have to say that in my humble opinion the Four Corners CD has got to be one of the finest musical recordings ever. Not only by the Yellowjackets but by any Jazz Group in recent years.

    Not only are the compositions and arrangements superb but the co-opting of Marc Russo into the group was an absolute masterstroke.

    I have had this record (and all the others) for avery long time now but it still gets played 4 or 5 times a week and Marc's solo on Sightseeing blows me away every time, it never fails to lift my spirits and excitement.
    His rendering of Open Road too, is an absolute classic. It never EVER fails to send shivers up and down my spine.
    The Yellowjackets of that vintage were priceless and whilst I am sorry to sound a note of slight discordancy, everything was fresh and vibrant ,which regretfully is,nt quite so today. Even though I love Bobs playing like mad, as a Saxist myself , Marc ,in my opinion, in those days was just astronomical. Sadly his playing of "today" is'nt as inspiring. A great shame .

    I shall treasure Four Corners for ever. It was and is and will always be, an absolute Masterpiece.

    My question...Will you ever re-record Open Road ? and will Bob do it on Alto?

    I just thought you ought to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. pianoslam

    pianoslam Active Member

    Four Corners

    I couldn't agree more. I happened to here Sight Seeing for the first time in years and was floored by the recording quality, performances, and creative freshness. That record will forever be a part of who I am as a musician.

    God bless Yellowjackets!

    Jackson Bunn
    Miami, FL

  3. segway

    segway Active Member

    I Agree

    That's really interesting to read this right now. For the past few weeks, I've been listening to Sightseeing every night and I feel the same way. That whole album is just great. It's probably my favourite album of all times...

    Daniel Seguin, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  4. burden21

    burden21 Popular Member

    I agree 100%. I believe that Four Corners is the greatest Yellowjackets CD ever. I love the current line up, but the line up of Russ, Jimmy, Will, and Marc has never been matched. It was the greatest of all times.

    It is funny that several of you have mentioned Sight Seeing. This is my favorite jazz song of all time. There is a very powerful, spiritual component to this song and every time I heard to it brings me to my knees. I am just overwhelmed, every time I hear it. It always sounds so fresh and relevant.

    Love, Joy, and Peace to everyone :)
  5. ddddyyyy

    ddddyyyy New Member

  6. ICEMAN01

    ICEMAN01 New Member

    Four Corners / Marc Russo

    I couldn't agree more. I love Bob Mintzer, I have a lot of his music. Bob's a genius. But there is something about that lineup, Russ, Will, Jimmy and Marc - that combination had a chemistry which was for the lack of a better term "Edgy" and produced classics like Out of Town, Tortoise & The Hare and Oz. Four Corners is truly an exceptional album. And Marc's alto tone in comparison with today's modern recording still sounds fresh!
  7. Simmo

    Simmo Esteemed Member

    I have to say I marginally disagree with the consensus of opinion in this thread. I have not got a lot of confidence in my argument however as I have not heard Sight Seeing and my YJ's experiences are all with Marcus Baylor and Bob Mintzer. But my only immediate comparison is on Tortoise and Hare for example, the version on Mint Jam does more for me than the original. I can appreciate Marc Russo is a very good player but I just feel the currently line-up plays with more depth and space, yet still has an "edge". I have to profess a slight dislike to the tone of alto sax, have always been a tenor fan, but whatever it has to be said that through the years the YJ's have pleased so many music fans, that these kind of debates are nice ones to have, and is only complimentary to all those musicians who have been part of the YJ's setup.
    Any more news on gigs for the rest of 2009 ?
    Cheers Simmo
  8. ICEMAN01

    ICEMAN01 New Member

    Simmo, indeed these debates have their place. I remember when I first got tuned into the Yellowjackets. Somebody said here listen to this, it was "Daddy's Gonna Miss You" from Samurai Samba. I listened to that and was blown away. I then went out and got the entire collection up until Mint Jam including the Star Trek album and One Music by Bob Mintzer. It is interesting to hear the various stages of the band. Although, my personal favourites are Four Corners, Politics and The Spin. Live Wires for me has got to be one of the most amazing live albums by any instrumental band! Personally I've always thought alto sax is a beautiful instrument as well - especially in the hands of person like Marc Russo or Eric Marienthal - going back Nat Adderly. These debates are good because it shows how diverse we are but still UNITED by the bonds of the music of the YJ. Four Corners and any of the earlier albums are certainly a good buy.

    God Bless,

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