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Favourite Keyboardists

Discussion in 'Out Of Town' started by mark, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. ppjazz

    ppjazz Active Member

    Has Anyone Mentioned . . .

    . . . Lyle Mays???

    A great player in anyone's book over the past 30 years. Other piano/keyboard players I'd have to mention are:

    Gene Harris
    Taylor Eigsti
    Christian Jacob
    Alan Broadbent
    Charles Blenzig
    Eliane Elias
    Tom Schuman
    Rachel Z
  2. jacofan

    jacofan Active Member

    I will interpret "keyboard player" as one who plays any keyboard instrument.
    Here they are! (in no particular order)

    Russel Ferrante,
    Howard Levy (though better known for his harmonica playing),
    Chick Corea,
    Josef Zawinul (May he rest in peace.),
    Duke Ellington,
    Dave Brubeck,
    Herbie Hancock,
    Alfred Sheppard Jr. (my bandleader and best friend),
    Hiromi Uehara,
    and just about 200 more!
  3. jacofan

    jacofan Active Member

    I am so glad that people are mentioning Joe Zawinul! He is VASTLY underrated. His final album, Brown Street is one of my favorite albums of all time. His soloing is so lyrical! I love him for both his keyboard mastery and his compositional genius! Kind of like Russel Ferrante!
  4. Ruud

    Ruud Popular Member

    Amongst others:

    - Russell Ferrante
    - Hank Jones
    - Bill Evans
    - Teddy Wilson
    - Art Tatum
  5. pianoman

    pianoman Active Member

    ok... RUSSEL FERRANTE... I also think he is one of the most profound writers of ALL TIME..Some of the most memorable melodies came from him. GEORGE DUKE HERBIE HANCOCK
    GEOFF KEEZER(Fellas check him out)
  6. bernie12345

    bernie12345 Esteemed Member

    favorite pianists

    Here's some pianists that influenced me when I was young:

    Chick Corea
    Keith Jarrett
    McCoy Tyner
    Bill Evans
    Herbie Hancock

    I still love all those guys. Here's who I've been listening to lately:

    Danilo Perez
    Gonzalo Rubalcaba
    Geoffrey Keezer
    Brad Mehldau
    John Taylor
    Larry Goldings
    Fred Hersch
    Russell Ferrante
    Bill Charlap
    Alan Pasqua
    Manuel Valera
    Bruce Hornsby
    Bobo Stenson
    John Beasley
    Josh Nelson
    Ottmaro Ruiz
    Kenny Kirkland
    Manuel Valera
    Billy Childs
    Fats Waller
    Alan Broadbent
    David Kikoski
    David Witham
    Dave Grusin
    Lyle Mays
    Thelonious Monk
    Bud Powell

    And many others!
    Barnaby Finch
  7. twelti

    twelti Active Member

    favorite pianists

    Can I add 2 more recent discoveries:

    Goeffrey Keezer
    Antonio Farao
  8. Deet

    Deet Popular Member

    A little less well known, Federico Gonzalez Peña. Saw him live with Me'shell Ndegeocello, really solid playing. Also played with Marcus Miller. And of course, our fellow poster here, Barnaby Finch! Saw him perform once with Lee Ritenour.
  9. pianoman

    pianoman Active Member

    Oh and lately this monster - TAYLOR EIGSTI...Check this guy out folks*
  10. twelti

    twelti Active Member

    Yes, he is really good!

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