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EWI Patches/Synths

Discussion in 'Bob's Room' started by BaDoo, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. BaDoo

    BaDoo New Member Thread Starter

    Hi Bob,

    I'm gonna start playing the EWI in some days (when it arrives here from Japan finally :? )...
    I'd like to ask you what you are thinking about the original Akai 3020m patches and what synths you are using with your EWI.
    Do you design the patches yourself? Are you working with the computer?
    I'm thinking about buying a Roland XV 2020 module and putting the Patchman-patches on it(think they are quite good...) . Then I could connect it to the original Akai module.
    Thanks a lot :)
  2. Bob Mintzer

    Bob Mintzer Moderator Yellowjacket


    I've been using only the Akai 1000 of late with no external module. The sounds came from a tape I got from Sam Zambito years ago. I've tweaked them some. I've heard good things about that Roland 2020 box you mentioned. I may have to check it out. But for now I've been able to use only a few sounds in the original Akai module. Keepin it simple! Bob
  3. benday

    benday New Member

    Get the yamaha vl70-m

    You should get the yamaha vl70-m. It sounds great and is surprisingly expressive. I'm planning on getting the chip upgrade from patchman music soon...apparrently his stuff makes the vl70 REALLY sound great.

  4. Kokab

    Kokab New Member

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