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Dear Russell Ferrante:

Discussion in 'Russ's Room' started by Dwight Arroyo, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Dwight Arroyo

    Dwight Arroyo Active Member Thread Starter

    Dear Russell:

    I have been a YellowJackets fan since day 1. I love the acoustic piano, live and die by it.

    Of course I have many favorites but the 2 piano players that reach my soul are Lyle Mays
    and You, Russell Ferrante, with you Russell being my favorite.

    Ever since I started studying piano, (back in the day) I did research and studied about
    micro-tuning and that this type of tuning allows the acoustic piano to bring out different
    colors not necessarily heard when these instruments are tuned with equal temperament.

    My humble question to you is which temperament do you specifically use because besides
    your masterful creations and colors you always generate with your selection of notes,
    melody lines, scales and chords, I am sure you are using a special tuning for the acoustic piano
    that you use because I hear these same colors on the recordings and when you play live as well.

    The Internet seems to say that the mean-tone temperament is one of the favorites but there is
    no definite preset that jazz pianists use.

    I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer this question.

    With much love and appreciation for the YellowJackets and staff...

    Thanks for such awesome music!


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