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Available Yellowjackets Charts

Discussion in 'Pass It On' started by bernie12345, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. bernie12345

    bernie12345 Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    It's true that most of the Yellowjackets tunes do not have available charts, but, compared to many groups, the Yellowjackets are quite well documented. Below is a list of all the tunes, and if there is a chart available for a given tune, the source is listed. Most of the books are published by Sher Music - The Yellowjackets Songbook, the New Real Books 1,2, and 3, All Jazz, and The World's Greatest Fake Book. Russell Ferrante has compiled and released books for "Mint Jam" and "Time Squared". Bob Mintzer has a book called "The Music Of Bob Mintzer" that has a few tunes. Also, Bob's web page has many of his big band charts, and all of the small ensemble rhythm charts that I sell.

    All of the charts I have put together for the Yellowjackets are available at sheetmusicplus.com. There are also the individual charts from the Mint Jam and Time Squared songbooks available there.

    Here's the list:

    Altered State

    Suite 15 - sheetmusicplus.com
    March Majestic
    The Hope
    Hunter's Point
    Mother Earth - sheetmusicplus.com
    Youth Eternal
    Free Day
    Cross Current
    57 Chevy

    Blue Hats

    Capetown - sheetmusicplus.com
    With These Hands - sheetmusicplus.com
    Prayer For Peace - All Jazz & Mintzer
    Statue Of Liberty - sheetmusicplus.com
    Coal Minor Blues - sheetmusicplus.com
    Savanna - sheetmusicplus.com
    New Rochelle


    Golden State
    Guarded Optimism
    Inevitable Outcome
    Trane Changing
    Eddie’s In The House
    Fran’s Scene
    Child’s Play

    Club Nocturne

    Spirit Of The West - All Jazz
    Stick-To-It-Ive-Ness - sheetmusicplus.com
    Up From New Orleans
    The Evening News - sheetmusicplus.com
    Even The Pain
    Love And Paris Rain
    The Village Church - sheetmusicplus.com
    Twilight For Nancy - All Jazz
    All Is Quiet - All Jazz


    The Chosen - sheetmusicplus.com
    Blacktop - sheetmusicplus.com
    Summer Song
    Small Town
    A Walk In The Park - The Music of Bob Mintzer
    Turn In Time
    Father Time
    New Lullaby (For Gabriela)
    Take My Hand

    Four Corners

    Out Of Town - Four Corners Songbook
    Wildlife - Four Corners Songbook
    Sightseeing - Four Corners Songbook & YJ Songbook
    Open Road - Four Corners Songbook
    Mile High - Four Corners Songbook
    Past Ports - Four Corners Songbook
    Postcards - Four Corners Songbook & YJ Songbook
    Room With A View - Four Corners Songbook
    Geneva - Four Corners Songbook
    Indigo - Four Corners Songbook & YJ Songbook


    Freedomland - New Real Book 3
    Greenhouse - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Seven Stars - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Indian Summer - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Spirits - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Brown Zone
    Liam / Rain Dance
    Invisible People - Yellowjackets Songbook


    Falken's Maze - sheetmusicplus.com
    Country Living
    Double Nickel
    Dreams Go
    Measure Of A Man - sheetmusicplus.com
    I Wonder
    3 Circles
    Claire's Closet - sheetmusicplus.com

    Like A River

    Man Facing North - New Real Book 3
    My Old School - sheetmusicplus.com
    River Waltz - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Dewey - sheetmusicplus.com
    Memoirs - sheetmusicplus.com
    Azure Moon - sheetmusicplus.com
    Sandstone - Yellowjackets Songbook

    Live Wires

    Bright Lights
    The Dream
    Freedomland - New Real Book 3
    Claire's Song
    Geraldine - New Real Book 2
    The Spin - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Wildlife - Four Corners Songbook
    Revelation - New Real Book 3

    Mint Jam

    Les Is Mo - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Boomtown - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Motet - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Mofongo - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Blues For KJ - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Runferyerlife - Mint Jam Songbook & Mintzer & sheetmusicplus.com
    Song For Carla - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Tortoise & The Hare - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Mosaic - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    New Jig - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Statue Of Liberty - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Evening News - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com

    Mirage A Trois

    Claire's Song
    Top Secret
    I Got Rhythm
    Pass It On - World's Greatest Fake Book
    Goin' Home - New Real Book 1
    Man In The Moon - World's Greatest Fake Book

    Peace Round

    Little Drummer Boy
    Silent Night
    Deck The Halls
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    Peace Round
    The First Noel
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
    Winter Wonderland
    In A Silent Night


    Tortoise & The Hare - Mint Jam Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Local Hero
    Galileo (For Jaco) - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Foreign Correspondent - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Avance - New Real Book 2
    One Voice
    Evening Dance - Yellowjackets Songbook

    A Rise In The Road

    When The Lady Dances - sheetmusicplus.com
    Civil War - sheetmusicplus.com
    Can't We Elope
    An Informed Decision - sheetmusicplus.com
    Thank You
    An Amber Shade Of Blue
    (You'll Know) When It's Time
    I Knew His Father - sheetmusicplus.com

    Run For Your Life

    Jacket Town
    Even Song
    Runferyerlife - Mint Jam Songbook & Mintzer & sheetmusicplus.com
    The Red Sea
    City Of Lights - sheetmusicplus.com
    Ancestors - sheetmusicplus.com
    Wisdom - Yellowjackets Songbook

    Samurai Samba

    Deat Beat
    Daddy's Gonna Miss You
    Lonely Weekend
    Los Mambos
    Samurai Samba


    And You Know That
    New Shoes
    One Family - New Real Book 1
    Revelation - New Real Book 3
    Regular Folks
    Black Tie
    Sonja's Sanfonia - New Real Book 1
    Wildcats & Cougars

    The Spin

    Geraldine - New Real Book 2
    The Spin - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Storytellers - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Prayer For El Salvador - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Whistle While You Walk - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Dark Horses
    Blues For Nikki
    Medley: A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing/Hallucinations


    Why Is It
    Tenacity - sheetmusicplus.com
    Timeline - sheetmusicplus.com
    A Single Step
    Like Elvin - sheetmusicplus.com
    My Soliloquy
    I Do

    Time Squared

    Go Go - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Monk's Habit - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Smithtown - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Healing Waters - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Time Squared - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Gabriela Rose - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Sea Folk - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    V - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Claire @ 18 - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    Village Gait - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com
    My 1st Best Friend - Time Squared Songbook & sheetmusicplus.com

    Twenty Five

    Revelation - New Real Book 3
    Geraldine - New Real Book 2
    Sea Folk - Time Squared Songbook
    Free Day
    My Old School - sheetmusicplus.com
    Greenhouse - Yellowjackets Songbook
    RunFerYerLife - Mint Jam Songbook & Mintzer & sheetmusicplus.com


    Matinee Idol - New Real Book 1
    Imperial Strut - Yellowjackets Songbook
    Sittin' In It
    Rush Hour - New Real Book 1
    The Hornet - Yellowjackets Songbook
    It's Almost Gone

    I hope this helps.

    Barnaby Finch
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  2. Rudy

    Rudy Administrator Staff Member

    Just to clarify--are the song titles with an annotation after them, the ones that have charts?

    Thanks for posting the list!
  3. bernie12345

    bernie12345 Esteemed Member Thread Starter

    Yes, if there is no annotation, then there is no chart available as of now.
    Rudy likes this.
  4. tiagogalmeida

    tiagogalmeida Active Member

    Already got all of them! Looking forward for new ones to come up!

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