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A samba of my father arranged with a YJ's theme

Discussion in 'Jimmy's Room [Archived]' started by TerezaMiguel, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. TerezaMiguel

    TerezaMiguel Active Member Thread Starter

    Mr. Jimmy,

    When I was recording my CD at my home studio here in Brazil, a friend of mine (a bass player) introduced me to the music of yours. He brought it recorded in a MiniDisc. When I first listened to it, I felt very impressed. Your music is fantastic!
    Suddenly, I noticed that one of your songs had something very similar to a samba song written by my father many years ago. So, I decided to make a try with it and also, invited a percussion player to add some more instruments to the "new" arrangement to make it sound like a real arrangement for a brazilian jazzy samba.
    So, Mr. Russell, I ask you the kindness of listening to the result of it at my webpage (www.terezamiguel.com.br — click on "CD para download"). The song title of my father's song is "Eu também vou" , track number 3. The download of my CD is totally free.
    Also, I ask your permission to use your song in this way because it is really the best arrangement ever my father's song could have.
    Of course, I mention that the arrangement is based in your music. Unfortunately, I still don't know the title of your theme. My friend didn't know either. I tried to find it in YouTube, but I didn't find it yet.
    Anyway, I mention that it's a YJ's song.
    As you will notice, if you listen to this "new version", sometimes the rythm seems to be inverted. I call it "cruzado" or "crossing" — I like this result.
    Finally, I thank you very, very much for your attention.
    A fan of yours,

    Tereza Miguel
    5511 2503-0724

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